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Hydro Testing For SCBA Cylinders

General Distributing specializes in the hydro-testing and recertification of your SCBA and DOT storage cylinders. We have an in-house service center staffed with certified technicians trained to meet DOT requirements. Our hydro-test facilities are licensed, certified, and monitored by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Our in-house service technicians can inspect and hydro-test your cylinders with our state of the art hydro-testing equipment.Our programs are designed to offer the highest level of safety, service and support for your SCBA and DOT storage cylinders!

Comprehensive Inspections & Testing

General Distributing performs in-depth examinations of both the interior and exterior of the cylinder, along with a water pressure test to confirm pressure-holding ability. Our inspections include:

Visual Inspection

Our trained and certified technicians will clean and visually inspect your SCBA and DOT cylinders per 49cfr requirements. Our visual inspections include, but is not limited to:

  • Removing the cylinder valve
  • Inserting a high-intensity light probe and angled mirror into the cylinder and examining the inner surfaces of the cylinder
  • Identifying defects in the inner surfaces of the neck and shoulder area of the cylinder

Hydrostatic Testing

General Distributing has a DOT certified hydro-testing facility. Our certified technicians can inspect and hydro-test your agencies SCBA and DOT cylinders to keep you compliant, safe and ready! Any deficiencies will be noted and repairs made.

Ultrasonic Testing

Depending on customer requirements or Special Permits, General Distributing also uses a state of the art UE Machine called the UE17 to provide ultrasonic cylinder examinations.

Cylinder Testing Tracking & Documentation

We create, collect, maintain and store all records pertaining to each cylinder. We take care of all documentation and paperwork so you do not have to.


DOT 49 CFR Compliant!

Cylinder Safety & Testing Frequency

Cylinders should not be used if they have exceeded their valid service life or re-test dates.

Cylinders which show evidence of exposure to high heat or flames (paint has turned to a brown or black color, decals missing or gauge lens melted) need to be removed from service and be visually inspected and hydro-statically tested prior to recharging.

Steel and Aluminum Cylinders

  • Should be tested every five years.
  • Have an indefinite service life provided they pass hydrostatic testing.
  • Life expectancy depends on the use of the cylinder

SCBA Fiber Wrap Cylinders

  • Should be tested every 5 years (more more frequent intervals upon customer request)
  • 15 year max life expectancy

Contract With General Distributing Company For Your Cylinder Testing

General Distributing Company offers cylinder inspection and testing services to businesses and organizations throughout Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming. Contact our Cylinder Testing Department today to discuss your needs and get a quote.