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Farm & Agriculture

General Distributing is committed to serving the Farm and Agriculture industry by delivering the right equipment, supplies, and gases to ensure you keep up with production demands while preserving quality, texture and taste.

We take a solution approach with all of our clients. Our experienced team listens to your individual obstacles and needs in order to help you determine which products will help you maintain systems that slow bacterial growth, assure uniformity of temperature and obtain accurate and repeatable product results while minimizing spoilage and waste.

Some of the solutions we offer to help you achieve maximum quality results:

  • Welding and Plasma Equipment and Consumables
  • Cutting tables
  • Welding helmets
  • Industrial Equipment and Accessories
  • Safety Products
  • Welding rod and wire
  • Gases
  • Gas apparatus
  • Cutting Outfits

It’s the combination of high quality products, exceptional customer service, and technical expertise that sets us apart from our competitors. Our team of experts are always available to help you determine¬†the most reliable sources to support your key processes.

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