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Cylinder Inspection, Testing, Blasting & Painting

General Distributing has on-site ASTM Level-II certified technicians to ensure all our cylinders are safe and compliant using two very detailed and precise ways:

1. Ultrasonic Cylinder Testing

General Distributing uses the latest UE machine from Hexagon Digital Wave called The UE17 to provide Ultrasonic Cylinder Examination. This machine:

  • Detects internal defects that decrease cylinder life
  • Allows inspection without valve removal
  • Avoids moisture and contamination during testing
  • Determines wall thickness to ensure container does not collapse under pressure
  • Preserves integrity of the cylinder

2. Hydrostatic Cylinder Testing

We operate a Galiso Hydrostatic Tester for a process called hydrostatic testing. Hydrostatic testing is the industry standard method of re-qualifying/re-certifying compressed and packaged gas cylinders. The process involves in-depth visual examinations of both the interior and exterior of the cylinder, along with a water pressure test to confirm pressure-holding ability.

3. SCBA LEX Testing

A trusted testing solution dedicated to safety and savings through innovation that adds 15 years to your cylinders life.

SCBA LEX Testing

Cylinders We Test:

  • HP steel Cylinders
  • Aluminum Cylinders
  • CO2 Cylinders
  • Small Medical
  • SCBA’s
  • Various Special Permit Cylinders
  • Acetylene
  • Propane

State Of The Art Cylinder Exterior Blasting And Painting Operation

For cylinders that are structurally sound but need cosmetic improvement, our cylinder blasting machines remove all paint, scale, and exterior contaminants from the tank. During this process it also gives our test department the chance to closer inspect the condition of the cylinder for any flaws or accidental damage. The new, clean cylinder is then ready for our application of tough new paint that protects the asset from any elements that might cause danger to the cylinder.

Contract With General Distributing Company For Your Cylinder Testing

General Distributing Company offers cylinder inspection and testing services to businesses and organizations throughout Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming. Contact our Cylinder Testing Department today to discuss your needs and get a quote.

We have worked with General Distributing for almost 20 years. They have been, and continue to be much more than a supplier for our companies at 3 different locations. Their customer service is impeccable, they operate with the utmost integrity. They have gone above and beyond in offering and providing us with solutions that really work! General Distributing, the Bliss family and their employee team are a trusted partner on whom we rely in our daily operation. We are very fortunate to have them on “our team”.

Della Ehlke, Co-Owner Montana Hydraulics

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