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Welding & Safety Equipment

Miners use industrial gases, welding mixtures and even some specialty gases in different operations for almost every stage of mining. The right combination of equipment, supplies and gases is often key for maximum quality and productivity.

General Distributing provides a reliable supply chain of not only gases, but also welding, cutting and safety products to help increase efficiency, meet deadlines, and save money. Our team has the experience to help you deliver the highest quality work and keep up with day to day challenges you face in the mining industry.

Depend on General Distributing for:

  • Welding and Plasma Equipment and Consumables
  • Cutting tables
  • Welding helmets
  • Industrial Equipment and Accessories
  • Safety Products
  • Welding rod and wire
  • Gases
  • Gas apparatus
  • Cutting Outfits

We offer solutions for mining challenges with our expertise in product knowledge, customer relationships, and reliable distribution services.

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