Cylinder Services

New UE23 Technology!

General Distributing has emarked upon a new technology that will change the future of DOT cylinder inspections and is paving the way in providing a new standard to which the industry is moving.

UE23 technology employs the use of images to check cylinders for required flaws and thickness standards. The software and the technician uses these images to determine whether or not a cylinder meets required standards. The UE23 will provide a digital report and tracking as required for a technical age.

Key features of the UE23 Machine:

  • UE technology determines pinpoint wall thickness. This allows our certified technician to obtain the most accurate wall thickness calculation.
  • UE technology improves defect detection. The UE23 makes it easier to uncover internal defects to the cylinder such as corrosion.
  • UE technology does not require valve removal. This reduceds our overall cost due to valve damage, replacement and most of all labor costs.
  • UE technology preserves the integrity of the inside of the cylinder. We no longer have to expose the cylinder internally to water, which eliminates any possiblity of moisture in the cylinders.
Currently we have four certified technicians: Trevor Dahley, John Cox, Namen Paul, and Sean Kelley. These technicians are ASTM Level II certified.
With this new technology, General Distributing can better meet and exceed our customer’s needs!