Bulk CO2 Applications

General Distributing is happy to offer you the Carbo-series by MVE.

The Carbo-series tank is a low-pressure, permanently installed bulk CO2 system that is connected to an outside wall box. General Distributing routinely tops off your tank-eliminating CO2 outages so you can focus on customer sales at lunch rush, rather than gas inventory.

Carbo-Series Benefits

  • Convenience
    Eliminate high-pressure cylinder change-outs and gas outages during peak rush periods. Enable a better use of employees and storage space.
  • Quality
    Uninterrupted flow of CO2 eliminates flat drinks and ensures proper drink calibration. Perfect soda dispensing presentation increases customer satisfaction and eliminates complaints of poor taste and flat beverages.
  • Safety
    Gas stored at low operating pressure, plus zero cylinder handling, reduces job-related injuries.
  • Savings
    Save on labor, lost residual gas and operational costs associated with the high cost of high-pressure cylinders.

Maximize Your Beverage Profits
Liquid CO2 is delivered in bulk right to your store.

Liquid CO2 is securely transferred through the outside wall of your store into a bulk CO2 storage tank (the bulk tank can also be installed outdoors).

CO2 gas is dispensed from the bulk CO2 storage tank, providing a perfect beverage pour, every time.

An Optional CO2 monitoring system assures the safety of your working environment.